6 Proven Tips to Get More (and Better) Restaurant Reviews

QR codes efficiently link the in-location, takeaway and delivery customers with online surveys, landing pages, even reviews or social media platforms. The tech is super easy to use, cheap and offers a lot of space to stand out.

Since the pandemic, QR codes are on a comeback mostly because it’s super easy to use for everybody. Attach them to anything you want customers to see online: surveys, table menus, reservation forms, reviews and much, much more. It just needs to be larger than 2×2 cm. Besides that, the sky’s the limit.

A great QR code use-case that we noticed getting much traction is for streamlining customer feedback. Using AreTheyHappy’s survey feature, a restaurant brand can configure a customer satisfaction survey, link it to a QR code and print it on the receipts.

Based on their feedback sentiment, they can see different calls to action: responders with positive feedback are invited to write a review on Google, while negative feedback stays internal.


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