NYC Fall Restaurant Preview 2022: 29 New Openings

New York’s most famous speakeasy, which was last rebooted in 2016, will get a new life — and, this time, a new name. “If we kept it as Chumley’s, it would seem like it was ‘under new management,’ ” says Will Aghajanian, who, along with his wife and co-chef, Liz Johnson, will open Froggy’s (86 Bedford St., nr. Barrow St.) in November. Despite the name change, the goal is to maintain the space’s long history as an upscale American tavern with a straightforward menu of burgers, chops, and Cornish hen, which at Horses, the couple’s popular Los Angeles restaurant, is served over a salad of dandelion greens. “We met a guy in the coffee shop down the street and started talking about this place,” says Johnson. “I’m sure after we left, he was like, ‘These hipsters are gonna fucking ruin it!’ ”

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