Three Keys to Quality Craft Cocktails

Article contributed by John Mahlmeister, COO, Easy Ice

Trendy drinks with clever names earn high price tags that delight bar and restaurant owners. But their success factor is about more than a unique recipe or a punny name. Every detail counts when it comes to craft cocktails – even the ice.

Don’t be the bar that serves delicious cocktails but fails in the display or drinking experience. Instead, serve discerning patrons a libation they’ll remember. An establishment’s craft cocktail reputation relies on three must-haves: proven drink recipes, appropriate glassware, and specialty ice. After hiring a skilled mixologist to create custom drinks that please the palate, serious bar managers or owners turn their eye to the other two. Here’s how to make the most of glassware and ice choices.

When the Glass Makes All the Difference

While most drinks can be poured into just three types of glasses, many bars stock up to ten varieties of cocktail glassware. Each glass can help to create a memorable drinking experience.

Bars and restaurants with upscale cocktail menus use appropriate glassware to elevate the look of their drinks. For spirits, whiskey, or Scotch, a rocks glass is the obvious choice. The tall and narrow Collins or highball glass is ideal for drinks requiring a lot of ice and non-alcoholic mixers. Ultimately, the cocktail glass improves the presentation, taste, and guest enjoyment.

The V-shaped martini glass has been unseated as number one by the coupe glass that tends not to slosh the drink as the martini glass does. In addition, the coupe sports a stem that prevents heat from prematurely warming the drink. Margaritas, along with their salted rims, are perfect in two-tiered coupe glasses. Visually, both glass types boast eye-catching displays that entice the curious patron.

With the lineup of glasses covered, it’s time for specialty ice to shine.

Cold and Cool Factor in One

Drink presentation has never been more important. With specialty cocktail prices on the high end and increasing, competition has intensified for the trendy cocktail dollar.  Bartenders, owners, and managers everywhere are pulling out their secret weapons to stand out. 

The third must-have for memorable cocktails is specialty ice. Ice can add a twist of elegance and distinction to even the most traditional drink. Specialty ice comes in many sizes and shapes, from sphere to nugget, and makes a meaningful difference in both drink presentation and enjoyment. 

Specialty ice is not simply for aesthetics. Ice plays a considerable role in making or breaking the perfect cocktail, as the shape and size of ice impacts factors like chewability and how fast it melts and waters down the cocktail.  A high-end bar stocked with top-shelf liquor may fall flat if it serves decadent drinks over everyday ice. Keep reading to avoid that fate.  

Square Cube: Classic Rocks

The square cube is perfect for premium straight pours and signature cocktails. This slow-melting ice keeps beverages cold and robust while maintaining the classic look of a drink on the rocks. Square cubes are a must-have for any booming bar. 

Extra Large Square Cube

These large, hard cubes melt super slowly and retain the taste of high-end liquor. Patrons enjoy drinking their favorite spirit over one large cube of ice for a look they can’t get anywhere else. In addition, the extra large cube provides a slight amount of water to enhance the flavor of an expensive spirit.

Nugget, Cubelet, and Pearl: Flavor Savers  

Nugget ice, also called Cubelet or pearl, is a bartender’s, bar owner’s, and bar patron’s best friend. Nugget ice blends easily to make frozen drinks like bellinis or margaritas smooth and delicious, and it soaks up the flavor of any liquid it’s in. It’s soft enough that it won’t wear out the blender’s motor like harder ice does. Guests enjoy how nugget ice improves the slush factor in their frozen beverages. It’s a big winner for soda-based mixed drinks because the ice holds the flavor after the liquid is gone.

Sphere Ice: Belle of the Ball

Bar owners wondering what one thing could separate their bar from the competition need look no further than sphere ice. The sphere cube is a rare and unique ice type that will bedazzle patrons. Customers are amazed when their cocktails arrive with large sphere ice. Its large, round shape means less ice surface area is exposed to the drink. This translates to a slower melt and longer sipping time, which Scotch and whiskey connoisseurs especially

Crescent Ice: The Magician 

Crescent ice takes up more room in a glass than square ice, making drinks look fuller. This means it saves product and prevents bartenders from overpouring, which bar owners appreciate. When liquid hits the crescent cube’s rounded side, it cascades into the glass, reducing splash back. No business can go wrong with this appealing cube.

Specialty ice paired with carefully chosen glassware are the perfect accessories to a well-crafted cocktail menu. Get started with all three to attract patrons and 5-star reviews! 

John Mahlmeister is the chief operating officer and co-founder of Easy Ice. Co-headquartered in Phoenix, AZ and Marquette, MI, Easy Ice is the national leader in the full-service ice machine subscription industry with warehouse and distribution facilities in Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City, Orlando, New York City, and Los Angeles. Since its founding in 2009, Easy Ice has rapidly grown the number of ice machines under management to nearly 40,000 units across 47 states. The Easy Ice commercial ice machine subscription programs include installation, cleaning, preventive maintenance, repairs, and backup ice. For more information, please visit their website, or at LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter.

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