GOJO Brings Portfolio of Solutions to New Normal Clean

The pandemic shifted customer expectations of cleanliness – they want to see visible signs that the establishment takes their health and well-being seriously, including seeing workers cleaning surfaces.

One of the companies supporting the efforts of ensuring a safe and hygienic operational environment is GOJO, This “family enterprise,” is the parent company of the PURELL brand, boasting an impressive portfolio of environmentally-certified products.

One such is the PURELL Foodservice Surface Sanitizing flow pack wipes recently introduced to the market that reduces the sanitizing steps traditionally followed in the foodservice space, while still maintaining an effective clean. “We were really excited to introduce flow packs this year. It is a unique product that offers an unprecedented combination of powerful germ kill and PURELL peace of mind. We know that in this market, labor continues to be a key challenge and flow packs are all about productivity and simplicity. It’s a very convenient portable one-use product that doesn’t require any gloving by the employee and can be used to quickly clean up and sanitize the tables without any risk of cross-contamination,” says Jessica McCoy, GOJO’s Chief Solutions Officer.

McCoy added that these sanitizing wipes have the EPA’s lowest allowable toxicity rating – Category 4, so they are “worry-free and effective as they are no-rinse food contact safe. So, you’ll have a fresh, clean table that’s ready for a child to sit down and eat their french fries right off the table. It’s simple and easy for the employee to do it right.” She added that “many of our hand sanitizers and soaps are Cradle to Cradle certified, which is the world’s most advanced standard for safe, circular, and responsible products.”

But the innovation does not end there. GOJO has even crafted a light-up base for its’ PURELL hand sanitizer bottles. According to McCoy, GOJO was driven to develop these new products based on observations in establishments as operators strived to ensure the visibility of these products to a population whose awareness of safe and effective sanitizing solutions was awakened and amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“During the pandemic, we saw more hand sanitizer placed on tabletops and at counters as food service operators sought ways to offer hand sanitizer in more places throughout a facility. We noticed that loose bottles sometimes seemed a little cluttered. And so, the PURELL bottle docks help that space feel more organized and keep the bottle in a consistent place. This way, it doesn’t get knocked over. Users know where to find it. I think it also serves as a reminder for the food service employee to replace it when it’s empty. The light-up functionality is also a little unique. When you press down the pump, the bottle lights up. So, it’s very engaging and may also provide a nice solution to an environment with darker ambient lighting.”

McCoy said her company’s drive to develop advanced hygiene formulations is supported by the findings of a recent survey which she said revealed a “shift in consumer and patron expectations. Eighty-four percent of people now expect to see hand sanitizer when they’re in public, which is interesting. But what’s really interesting is that 77% of them expect it to be the PURELL brand. So, we know consumers want trusted brands. They want a brand that’s recognized and backed by science and leadership and makes them feel more confident and comfortable in the environments that they’re engaging in.”

Acknowledging that “the pandemic created a greater emphasis on hand hygiene, so people are expecting hand sanitizers to be available in more places than ever before,” McCoy added that need drove another of GOJO’s groundbreaking solutions. “The PURELL all-weather dispenser can sustain exposure to extreme environments, primarily outdoors where there is outdoor dining, like a ballpark or stadium, food trucks, or drive through, as well as in places where vandalism is high. This is an extremely durable design. It uses an engineered resin three times more durable than normal dispensers.”

While the pandemic forced many companies to reinvent themselves and restructure their portfolio, McCoy said that during that phenomenon, “our purpose remained unchanged. It was our North star as we navigated the unique market dynamics. I personally am proud that our teams continued to deliver high-quality products without compromise, and we continued to innovate even when there was so much market disruption.”

As the pandemic raged, it was a challenge for many to find reliable and effective sanitizers that offered features unique to GOJO’s specific formulation. “A lesson learned is related to supply, consistency, and supply assurance. It’s something that foodservice operators are still dealing with today. GOJO made significant investments in our manufacturing facilities and distribution and supply chain capabilities to ensure that we are prepared for the current situation and tomorrow’s needs as well,” she added.

GOJO, which McCoy describes as a “purpose-driven family enterprise” is certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. “So, any operator purchasing PURELL products through their distributor can help them achieve their supplier diversity goals and demonstrate their commitment to fostering diversity and equity.”

As it relates to GOJO’s overall mission, McCoy concluded, “we’re fortunate to be anchored in and driven by our purpose, which is saving lives and making life better through well-being solutions. We believe in solving important human problems, and we do that through our hand and surface well-being solutions and the new products we bring to market. We remain very committed to continuing to innovate solutions to solve problems for our customers so that we can help keep the world healthy and help food service operators keep their businesses running smoothly.”

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