Innovative OiLChef Solution Brings Big Savings to Operators And Locks In Flavor

Reducing a single expense by upwards of 75% may seem like a pipe dream, but Sean Farry’s OiLChef, a new oil management system, proves that it can be accomplished.

Through its revolutionary ability to prolong oil life and improve food quality, which, together, promise to save consumers more than half of their monthly oil expenditures, OiLChef is a game changer. CEO Sean Farry details the product’s interesting inception, its simplification of kitchen expenditures, and its’ amazing savings possibilities.

Despite its innate ability to optimize the frying process, OiLChef’s inception was, as detailed by CEO Sean Farry, accidental. Initially conceptualized as an apparatus to improve the running efficiency and lifetime of chemical engine oil, OiLChef, instead, worked fantastically with cooking oil by achieving the same intended benefits but with a different medium. Farry, after testing the product out with cooking oil, found that OiLChef slowed down the process of oil oxidation, allowing for longer oil life and improved food quality. These benefits led the CEO to approach the French Master Chef of the Loews Hotel Group in Montreal with a request to trial the oil preserving system and provide feedback. Expecting the same poor performance that had come from testing competitive products, the chef was amazed by the capability of OiLChef.  Farry recalls that the chef also requested the rights to market the product to every French-speaking country in the world.

OiLChef’s unexpected and awe-inspiring success has led Farry to dub it “the Godshot,” and the device’s benefits are likely to incite agreement from restaurant owners who’ve installed his oil filtration solution. “You need to understand that this technology was never intended for use in the food service industry,” Farry noted. To achieve the same levels of efficiency touted by OiLChef, many restaurants had previously used additives, including chemical powders, or additional appliances like separate oil management systems which remove particles from the liquid. While these approaches can improve oil quality and life, OiLChef points out that they involve recurring costs to purchase or maintain, and also increase the occurrence of serious accidents due to heavy involvement with hot oil. 

Instead, OiLChef is “a simple plug and play system, which when installed does not have to leave your fryer for three years,” Farry explained. “Additionally, the technology works with any cooking liquid: if it’s a cooking medium and liquifies when heated, our device works with it,” promises Farry.

“Installing the device allows even restaurateurs who purchase cheaper oils to vastly and noticeably improve the quality of the fried food they serve to their patrons by focusing solely on the cooking oil,” explained the executive, “our focus has shifted towards food quality and not the oil itself at all.” This shift in focus, in turn, has revolutionized the act of frying by reducing reliance on additives, cutting costs, and improving kitchen safety.

The real power of OiLChef can be measured by its ability to reduce monthly oil expenses by 50 to 75%. The device’s ability to extend oil longevity and improve oil quality, estimates Farry, can save restaurateurs a minimum of 35% per month on oil purchases. Even better – 90% of OiLChef’s clients attest that the system allows them to save more than 50% on oil purchases thanks, in large part, to longer-lasting oil. 

These savings add up and even help to reduce food waste, as Farry points out: “We help people to produce twice as much great quality product per pound or liter of oil,” simply because it does not need to be replaced as frequently. These improvements, in turn, are important, as after beverages, fried foods tend to be the most profitable items on a restaurant’s menu. OiLChef helps restaurants of all sizes – whether mom and pop or chain – to increase their profit margins when serving menu staple items such as French fries or chicken tenders.

What’s clear is that OiLChef remains highly relevant and sought-after by any restaurant that fries any of its menu items, even in the face of new frying trends such as the advent of the air fryer. When asked to remark on the introduction of air frying to many diets, Farry remarked that the technology “doesn’t deliver the same punch – deep-fried chicken is never going to taste the same without the oil.”

OiLChef is truly a remarkable product that promises to revolutionize the act of frying – and even the food service industry – through its incredible ability to reduce monthly expenses. By greatly extending the lifespan of cooking oil thereby increasing food production and quality, OiLChef promises to save restaurants upwards of 50% in monthly oil expenses per fryer unit. “We give people a money-back guarantee, and they can take that to the bank,” boasts CEO Farry. 

For more information about the remarkable benefits of introducing an OiLChef to your fryer visit their website.

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