Pecinka Ferri Associates Set to Host Inaugural Witches BrewFest in NJ

Metro New York’s restaurant and foodservice professionals, and the equipment dealers and kitchen consultant that support them, know that the key to staying ahead of the competition is finding a resource that can provide solutions and strategies. With that in mind New Jersey based equipment rep firm Pecinka Ferri has focused on providing educational resources to the local foodservice professional.

On Wednesday, October 26th, Pecinka Ferri will host its annual Ghost Kitchen Forum, featuring the inaugural Witches BrewFest from 11 am to 4pm.

“With Middleby’s latest product innovations, we have fully automatic coffee equipment for everything from flavored coffees to espresso. There’s also lots of new automation in their semi-automatic American-made coffee equipment. We have a full line of brewery equipment for operators who would like to learn how to brew their own beer with our SS Brewtech line, and we will have our own special brew for sampling! Among the solutions on hand will be the latest from Skyflo, having enhanced their system that enables operators to control and manage liquor dispensing profits. We will have experts available to talk about micro-brewing and home brewing. The day will conclude with a special ‘After-Party’ event at a local micro-brewery. It’s a couple of days before Halloween, so it’s a great opportunity to celebrate while learning all things coffee, tea & beer,” Ferri said. 

This month’s Witches BrewFest is next on the docket for the innovative Garden State equipment rep firm that has raised the bar for educating of Metro New York’s foodservice community. For the past 25 years, with Ed Pecinka and Joe Ferri at the helm, the company has built a strategy that features unique programming for restaurant and foodservice professionals. Over the past year, Pecinka Ferri has hosted special interactive events that have focused on both ventless cooking, and the latest in pizza profit trends. 

Pecinka Ferri’s goal for their programming has been to help the foodservice professional utilize technology to get the most out of their labor force.

“Even with the growth of e-commerce, the basics have not changed,” Ferri detailed. “We need to ask and understand what somebody needs and then help them get it. Technology is not going to replace people. Human touch is still going to be vital. We need to figure out a way to get hospitality back into the hospitality industry. We see that with Middleby’s new controller platform that they will be rolling out shortly.”

“The operator will be able to learn how to use the controller on a combi oven that will also enable control of a fryer or convection oven in the same kitchen,” Ferri continued. “Even refrigeration will work off the same platform. Bottom line is that this will simplify the training process with simple IOS and SAAS technology.” 

Pecinka Ferri has taken a generic approach to the educational programming held in it New Jersey test kitchen. “For instance, if we are selling pizza ovens, we want folks to have access to the latest information on trends in the pizza world,” Ferri added. “It might be the latest styles like Detroit or Roman or new ingredients (plant-based toppings and cauliflower crusts) or even dough conditioning. With fryers it might be the introduction of different baskets. Pizza has become the new fashion with new styles coming out for each new season.” 

Highlighting this year’s Pecinka Ferri special event slate are sessions focused on electric and ventless cooking. “It is here to stay with so many municipalities passing legislation to make it imperative as they seek sustainability for their communities. Trends including induction cooking have accelerated the popularity of electric cooking,” Ferri added. “There’s always been a preference for many in cooking with an open flame. But when you balance it against the speed that electric now offers you end up with a far more efficient kitchen operation.”

Among the keys to the value the Pecinka Ferri special event series is the ability of the company to continue to stay on top of the latest trends. “We have accomplished that by grooming our next generation of leadership and adding top notch talent to both our outside sales team and our support staff,” added Joe Ferri. With an eye towards the future Ferri and partner Ed Pecinka are mentoring Joe Ferri Jr and corporate chef Nick Mercogliano to take over the reins. 

In order for the company to move forward, Ferri has carefully looked at how the role of the rep has evolved. “The journey began with mastering content curation and creation and event management. As a result of the industry shifting from analog to digital, we have added key marketing functions to our daily focus on outside sales. The days of updating our factories three ring binders has been replaced by creative digital marketing.” 

As Pecinka Ferri prepares to once again welcome the industry to its test kitchen, Ferri sees a number of key changes in the industry as a result of two years of Pandemic life. “Sanitation will continue to be a priority as we move forward, Ferri noted. Features like touchless and virtual conferences are here to stay. Much of that has to do with how we now produce food through new concepts including ghost kitchens. It’s all about the foodservice operator having agility to pivot based on customer needs.”

Founded in 1972, Pecinka Ferri Associates is one of Metro New York’s leading manufacturers’ agents to the foodservice industry. Pecinka Ferri Associates represents internationally recognized brands by providing end-user knowledge and solutions, supporting dealers and consultants, and innovating marketing services in the greater New York Metro area.

Complimentary tickets and full schedule and lineup for the October 26th Witches BrewFest are available now. For more information on Pecinka Ferri, visit To speak to Pecinka Ferri’s team of foodservice professionals, call Fairfield, N.J., headquarters at (973) 812-4277 or email [email protected].

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