Your New Meat Sauce Is Plant-Based

New plant-based pasta sauces are finally here!

Satisfy your customer’s taste buds from Masala to Minestrone with Red Gold® Plant-Based Italian Sausage Pasta Sauce and Red Gold® Plant-Based Bolognese Pasta Sauce. Both available in #10 cans, our Plant-Based Italian Sausage Pasta Sauce offers 6 grams of protein per cup and our Plant-Based Bolognese Pasta Sauce offers 10 grams of protein per cup!

Made with tomato puree, diced tomatoes, spices such as garlic and basil, extra virgin olive oil, with no sugar added and plant-based protein as its base, these plant-based sauces can be served as alternatives to meat sauces in a variety of ways providing opportunities for food operators to add diversity and more value to menus, while reducing the time and labor of preparing a plant-based sauce. These first plant-based protein pasta sauces give you more options and more Red Gold flavor on every plate. Wondering how to incorporate these plant-based sauces into your menus and meals?

Looking for recipe ideas? We’ve got you covered. Red Gold’s culinary team created recipes such as a creamy tortellini minestrone, eggplant parmesan burger, toasted marinara dip, confit fennel & ricotta pizza, lasagna rollups and more! Get over 10 new recipe ideas, a downloadable pos, additional plant-based resources and a free sample at the Red Gold Foodservice website.

Since 1942, Red Gold has become the largest privately owned tomato processor in the nation with three state-of-the-art facilities in Elwood, Geneva, and Orestes, Indiana. The company also boasts a one million-square-foot distribution center in Alexandria and operates the subsidiary RG Transport trucking fleet in Elwood. Red Gold partners with local family farms across Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio to sustainably produce premium quality canned tomatoes, ketchup, sauces, salsas, and juices for foodservice, private brands, export, co-pack, and club channels of distribution. The Red Gold family of brands includes Red Gold®, Redpack®, Sacramento®, Tuttorosso®, Huy Fong®, Vine-Ripe®, Migliore®, and Teresa®. Superior Quality, Outstanding Service and Operational Excellence are the shared values that contributed to the employee-created mission statement: “To produce the freshest, best tasting tomato products in the world.”

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