Virtual Breakfast Session Talks Health and Wellness in the Workplace on Nov 16

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Join Total Food Service and L. Sashin & Associates on November 16th at 9:00am ET for Virtual Breakfast Session #28 Health and Wellness in the Workplace.

Let’s look at waitstaff and runners moving at high speeds, sometimes with heavy trays of food and drinks through tight spaces where oblivious patrons just stand up and walk in front of them. Meanwhile, two-way traffic moving quickly through a single door (in many cases) to a small area that with open flames, razor sharp knives, spills, hopefully controlled chaos and temperatures that sometimes reach 90 degrees plus. Oh yeah, I left out flu season and the ever-present COVID-19… so, what can happen? In this business climate of comparatively high salaries and labor shortages, “a man down” can severely affect an already stressed staff, cause costly errors, upset patrons and even cause other staff to resign due to overwork.

You can never say that you’ve eliminated injury and sickness in the workplace, but there are steps you can make to reduce the chances that they may occur. Join our panel of professionals that know what to do and what steps you can take to start making you workplace a safer, healthier place to be.

The Virtual Breakfast Session VBS #28 “Health and Wellness in the Workplace” is on 11/16 @ 9:00am Eastern Our panel will be ready to explore both the given topic and any related questions that might arise from the audience in “Real Time”. The conversation will be a fast paced, mind-blowing hour of interesting anecdotes, poignant questions, valuable info and as usual, they are always fun. No need for special tools, we’re right here on your laptop, phone or tablet.

Register now, seating is both free and limited.

Our Panel for the November 16th Virtual Breakfast Session:

The Virtual Breakfast Sessions (VBS) are produced by Total Food Service and L. Sashin & Associates. They are part of a series of Zoom, interactive roundtable discussions based on Hospitality, Foodservice and the chain of businesses that service the industry. Using Zoom’s Chat feature the audience has direct contact with a designated panel member who will direct all pertinent questions or statements to the panel for consideration and response. We look forward to your participation.

Participation in the events can be accessed at the Virtual Breakfast Session event page

View the previous Virtual Breakfast Sessions here on YouTube.

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