Food for Thought: Benefits of a Double Fryer

Article contributed by Danielle Fantasia, Sales & Marketing for Motion Technology Inc. 

Famous track athlete Steve Scott said it best, “If you find something that works, double down on it”. He was most likely referring to his very successful career as one of the greatest mile runners in history, but at Motion Technology Inc., we think those powerful words apply perfectly to our equipment. 

When we first introduced the AutoFry in 1990, expanding our product line was always a goal. Double fryers quickly became a top priority, knowing how limited space can be in foodservice settings meant creating a fryer that was high volume, ventless, and compact.

Fast forward to 1998 to the launch of our very first double basket fryer, the AutoFry MTI-40E. Capable of supplying up to 12 pounds of product per cycle, this heavy-duty fryer was also our first floor-model designed especially for high volume locations. Today, the MTI-40E can be found in large stadiums and arenas like the United Center, home of the Chicago Bulls & Blackhawks.

Skip ahead seven years to 2005 and we say hello to our first countertop double basket fryer, the AutoFry MTI-40C. This model allows customers to enjoy the benefits of a double fryer even if they don’t have the floor space. Like its larger counterpart, the MTI-40C’s throughput is quite impressive, generating up to 6 pounds of product per cook cycle. This automated fry cook can be seen in fast paced environments the like theatre chain, Regal Cinemas. 

As we continue to develop and grow, we found our customers needed an even smaller double basket unit so in 2018 we introduced our smallest double basket fryer, the AutoFry Mini-C. This single-serve model is both compact and efficient, created with fresh, made-to-order, concepts in mind. The Mini-C is equipped with an oil capacity of 1.375 gallons per side making a total of 2.75 gallons and can be spotted in convenience store chains like Rutter’s. 

No matter the size of the fryer, one of the most beneficial features of the double basket models is the ability to cook two orders at once, essentially doubling your output, and reducing your wait times. Another benefit of two-sided deep-fryers is the division of the oil pots. Each of these models have two separate oil pots which allows owners and operators to utilize one side of the AutoFry for raw product like breaded chicken, and one side for frozen premade items like mozzarella sticks or fries. 

So, what do you think? Is your business ready to double down on foodservice with the AutoFry? Head to today to learn more!

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