Two-Way Radios Take Restaurant Communication To The Next Level

Article contributed by Stewart McClintic

Restaurants are a chaotic place with waiters and cooking staff franticly trying to fill more and more orders to more and more customers to make more money.

A restaurant needs clear and efficient communication to be successful and two-way radios are one of the best ways to create more clear and efficient communication. As a two-way radio retailer I have worked with restaurant owners to improve communication by implementing two-way radios for restaurants. Here are a few benefits of using two-way radios at your restaurant.

Crystal clear communication

Two-way radios help restaurant workers communicate quickly and clearly. The host needs to be able to quickly talk to the wait staff who needs to quickly talk to the kitchen staff. Two-way radios allow each member of your restaurant team to instantly talk with the push of a button which allows your team to service customer needs quicker. Restaurant owners should also invest in earpieces for their team because hands free communication is critical in a restaurant environment. Larger restaurants should purchase two-way radios with at least four watts of power and multiple channels to ensure communication is not ever crossed and messages can reach any part of the restaurant. Smaller watt and light weight radios will work fine in smaller restaurants.

Better bottom line

An investment in high quality two-way radios will help your team save time and money. A better two-way radio system means you have radios that last longer, are easier to use, and most importantly they won’t lose their signal. This means the kitchen staff is always successfully communicating with the wait staff who are more efficiently serving customers. More fast and quality service means you are turning over more tables which means more customers which leads to more revenue for your restaurant.

Better communication keeps customers coming

Happy and full patrons means they will keep coming back to your restaurant and hopefully recommend it to their family and friends. Positive customer experiences drive successful restaurants and that experience can only be achieved if your staff is doing their best. Two-way radios help your team give your customers the best possible service. They allow them to better communicate which leads to fewer mistakes and more positive restaurant reviews. With so much competition it is getting harder to keep customers coming back to a restaurant. If you want to keep customers coming you have to have a staff that is in sync and communicates well. The right two-way radio system can help restaurant staff achieve that goal.

stewart mcclinticStewart McClintic is the owner of a two-way radio retailer in Scottsdale Arizona. The company specializes in selling Motorola two-way radios and Kenwood Walkie Talkies to restaurant owners across the country.

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