Virtual Breakfast Session Chats With Chef/Owner Yvan Lemoine on Dec 14

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Join Total Food Service and L. Sashin & Associates on December 14th at 9:00am ET for Virtual Breakfast Session #30 Coffee With… Yvan Lemoine.

On December 14th we continue our new type of discussion for the VBS called the Coffee with… series. Coffee with… is an in depth look into someone we find interesting, knowledgeable and willing to share experiences with strangers to help them succeed. This session’s coffee mate will be entrepreneur, restauranteur and caterer Yvan Lemoine.

To the outside world Lemoine, Chef and Owner of My Kitchen Events and Catering is just another guy in chef whites. But who is he? What was his path here? Who or what inspired him? What is his philosophy that sets his organization on a different plain than his local competition?

Spend some time with us while we speak with Yvan and get some important questions answered. How did you get into this business? Who helped him along the way? What does he love about the kitchen? And why is he limiting himself to catering and private events?

Register now, seating is both free and limited.

Our Guest for the December 14th Virtual Breakfast Session:

  • Yvan Lemoine – Chef/Owner of My Kitchen Events and Catering

The Virtual Breakfast Sessions (VBS), including “Coffee with…”, are produced by Total Food Service and L. Sashin & Associates. They are part of a series of Zoom, interactive roundtable discussions based on Hospitality, Foodservice and the chain of businesses that service the industry. Using Zoom’s Chat feature the audience has direct contact with a designated panel member who will direct all pertinent questions or statements to the panel for consideration and response. We look forward to your participation.

Participation in the events can be accessed at the Virtual Breakfast Session event page

View the previous Virtual Breakfast Sessions here on YouTube.

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