Ukrainian Manufacturer REEDS Brings Passion To New Straw Solution

There simply is not a more admired populace across the globe than the Ukrainian people. Their fortitude while under attack in 2022, has brought the eyes of the world to the battle they have waged over the past 12 months. 

Many in the foodservice industry know that the Ukraine serves as the breadbasket to their part of the world. So, although Ukrainian wheat is a well known commodity, it turns out that there are a number of innovative companies that serve a variety or segments of the restaurant/foodservice and hospitality industry throughout the world.

At the top of the list of emerging companies is REEDS. The Kyiv firm is setting a new standard for the design and production of the highest quality drinking straws. REEDS was founded in 2019 as the strong initiative with a goal of finding a sustainable and cost-effective replacement for the plastic straw. 

Olena Masientsova

“Our goal was to launch a product that combines the positive effect on lakes, rivers and flora and gives our customers a reliable solution,” noted Olena Masientsova, Director of REEDS LLC. “We have invested into harvesting, manufacturing, distribution and now have the distribution hubs in New York (United States) and Amsterdam (Netherlands).”

The original REEDS straw came to the marketplace in 2020. “In the middle of the pandemic, sales of our straws grew every month but we remained committed in our mission to support our native planet Earth,” Masientsova continued. “We could see form the start that our mission of converting a niche product for the eco-society into the mass product for the HoReCa was resonating with the foodservice and hospitality professional.” 

REEDS knew that they needed something special to garner market share in such a crowded field. “Our straws are very beautiful and functional. The marketplace while battling through COVID became focused on finding a replacement for PLA/plastic and the elimination of its negative effects on the planet,” Masientsova added. “Clearly the marketplace with so much additional volume of takeout and delivery came to recognize that paper straws simply did not have the durability to soak in a drink even for 20-40 minutes. Our straws are natural and do not soak. We’ve also noted with our customers that have moved to the REEDS straw that they are making a statement to their customers and staff regarding a true commitment to being eco-friendly. We are finding that there is a society of people with sustainable consumption and responsibility agendas to respect our Native Planet. We are part of a people of a new generation.”

The growth of the REEDS line has also come from both the similarities and differences found between bamboo and cane (utilized by REEDS competitors) and the reed that the Ukrainian company utilizes in the production of the straw. 

REEDS“Bamboo and cane straws are close to reed straws in texture and design, however reed has a significantly advantage in functionality (bamboo is too big) and a significant difference in price,” Masientsova explained. “Prices are very high for the bamboo straws and makes them a niche product. REEDS’ straws are priced to make sense.” 

REEDS also begins the process with scientists that carefully select the area to harvest the reed crop with their own custom fleet. “Our approach to cutting to the reed to exacting dimensions result in the world’s highest quality straw. We use only biogradable and natural components and materials. This is the core solutions REEDS has applied from the very beginning since our launch,” Masientsova said.

REEDS has also recognized that we live today in a world of specialization. A straw for a milkshake and a straw for a cocktail simply are not the same thing. “We supply reed straws of natural and brown color, dimensions from 6 to 8 inches and wrapped and unwrapped versions,” Masientsova said. “We are very customer- and partners-oriented. With that, we offer engraving, and the reed straws are the only straws that can offer the engraving of a brand logo on the straw that is really beautiful.”

For US and North American operators and the distributors that support them the addition of the REEDS line offers the opportunity of making a statement in support of the Ukrainian people as well as the functionality and pricing of a world class straw. “Russian aggression began in 2014 and we have experienced the war actions from the Russians during these 8 years. This year the war has become more extensive, however we begin to receive the support from US, EU and other countries to stop Russian aggression. Glory to Ukraine!,” Masientsova concluded. 

For information on the REEDS straw line, operators and distributors can visit their website, or contact Olena Masientsova at [email protected]

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