Family Entertainment Center Foodservice: Elevating The Customer Experience with AutoFry & MultiChef

Article contributed by Danielle Fantasia, Sales & Marketing for Motion Technology Inc. 

Family Entertainment Centers (FEC) are filled with endless fun for both kids and adults. From arcade games and sport simulators to indoor trampolines and go karts, there is something for everyone. With the added benefit that people tend to get hungry when they’re having fun, the only thing that could possibly make the experience better is the addition of delicious food. When FEC’s also serve a range of offerings it can easily become a lunch or dinner destination. 

The idea of adding a foodservice program can leave FEC owners and operators with many questions. What kind of food will we serve? What kind of equipment will we use? How will I keep my overhead costs low while keeping safety high? Motion Technology, Inc. understands the hesitation that comes from adding food to your lineup, but we also have a solution for any size operation. 

Let’s start with the food. Tasty menu options are a great way to attract customers and ensure they spend more time at your establishment. Deep-fried food never disappoints! Crispy appetizers like mozzarella sticks and mac and cheese bites, or full meals like a buffalo chicken sandwich and fries, are always crowd pleasers. 

But let’s not stop there. Pizzas, quesadillas, and paninis are also super simple and scrumptious menu items that are sure to keep your guests happy and full. You can even put a twist on classic offerings like nachos. Swap out your chips for tater tots and top with chicken, BBQ sauce and cheese. Make sure you have mop on hand for all the drool when this dish makes its way out of the kitchen!  

Now, let’s consider kitchen equipment. To create a versatile menu like the one listed above it is important to have reliable equipment that is also affordable and the AutoFry and MultiChef are just the ones for the job. 

Our ventless fryers and ovens operate without the need of costly hood or vent installations saving thousands of dollars. Not to mention, both the AutoFry and MultiChef are so easy to use they can be operated by any employee, allowing businesses to run with a limited staff. 

When it comes to quality our equipment truly delivers. AutoFry uses Simplifry Technology, a heat/time compensation intelligence that automatically adjusts cooking time based on the quantity of product being prepared per fry cycle. This ensures that product is cooked to perfection every time. 

Our MultiChef ovens come preprogrammed with recipes personally tested by our staff and can easily be programmed for anything you want to bake, steam, melt, toast or roast! These ovens also come with USB ports so owners and operators can easily swap out recipes for seasonal menus.  

Adding a foodservice program to your Family Entertainment Center doesn’t have to be stressful. Let Motion Technology, Inc. show you how, with AutoFry and MultiChef. Head to today to learn more!

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