Virtual Breakfast Session on Jan 11 Talks Technology and Prepping for the Future

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Join Total Food Service and L. Sashin & Associates on January 11th at 9:00am ET for Virtual Breakfast Session #31: Technology and Prepping for the Future.

With today’s volatile business climate, it’s extremely important not to sell yourself out of business. If you don’t have a handle what is selling, what is not, the pricing of what you’re pushing out the door and what is affecting the price you sell at… you are in trouble with a capital T.

There are so many more variables to deal with than ever before. There’s rising labor costs and availability, food costs and availability, the literal cost to keep the lights on and with all those taps driven into your wallet you can’t forget the government. I can assure you they won’t forget you.

The only way to make sure that you don’t get swept up in this whirlwind of trouble is technology. Although that comment makes sense to all, it strikes fear, doubt and hesitation (dangerous) into the heart of Boomers who grew up in a lo-tech world.

Join us on Zoom on January 11 @ 9:00am Est. as we kick off the 2023 Virtual Sessions Podcasts with “Technology and Prepping for the Future”. This VBS will answer some of those important tech questions that you’ve been dealing with in the day-to-day struggles of a owner/ manager of a small to medium sized business. And BTW, if you have a question, here’s your change to ask. Pertinent questions asked through the chat feature on Zoom will be answered or addressed in “Realtime”.

We look forward to your participation. Register now. Tickets are free for this podcast, but availability is limited.

Our Panel for the January 11th Virtual Breakfast Session:

  • David Joseph – Co-Founder, DAVO by Avalara & Sr. Strategic Alliance Mgr.
  • Jeff Feuer – Owner/President IPos Inc.
  • David Pellon – Partner/ VP , NY Hospitality Group, Director of Catering
  • Larry Sashin – Founder and Sr. Partner of L. Sashin & Associates, and Creator of the Virtual Breakfast Sessions
  • Fred Klashman – Editor & Publisher of Total Food Service

The Virtual Breakfast Sessions (VBS) are produced by Total Food Service and L. Sashin & Associates. They are part of a series of Zoom, interactive roundtable discussions based on Hospitality, Foodservice and the chain of businesses that service the industry. Using Zoom’s Chat feature the audience has direct contact with a designated panel member who will direct all pertinent questions or statements to the panel for consideration and response. We look forward to your participation.

Participation in the events can be accessed at the Virtual Breakfast Session event page

View the previous Virtual Breakfast Sessions here on YouTube.

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