Self-Pour Beverage Walls Tapping Into a Broader Market in 2023

PourMyBeer leads the way as the nation’s premier provider of self-pour beverage technology. Initially, Founder and CEO Josh Goodman developed this proprietary technology with the customer and restaurant operator in mind. Little did he know it would become the perfect solution for a much larger problem.

The pandemic accelerated the need and trend toward technological innovation in the hospitality industry. Businesses must now focus on delivering a great customer experience with fewer employees, as many operators struggle to hire and retain staff. While self-pour beverage walls have been around for a decade, they have traditionally been seen in bars, breweries, and restaurants. In 2022, growth in new markets, such as entertainment venues, food halls, hotels, golf courses, and country clubs, exploded.

Malcolm Yards Market, a 19,000 sq. ft. food hall in Minnesota, utilizes PourMyBeer’s self-pour technology with a 32-tap beverage wall setup managed by 1 employee. When comparing the number of drinks served by a traditional beverage dispensing method with 48 taps and 4 bartenders, PourMyBeer significantly outperformed the bar, with only 1 staff member needed at the wall. Based on this comparison, establishments with PourMyBeer technology see higher beverage sales with only 25% of the staff. To learn more, read the entire case study here.


When customers visit an establishment with PourMyBeer technology, they receive an RFID card or wristband linked to their credit card. Customers then go up to the wall and place their card or wristband on the reader, and the system allows them to read about the beverages on tap. Next, customers grab a glass, touch the screen, and start pouring. Charging by the ounce, customers only pay for what they pour. Whether they want to sample each beverage at the wall or pour a full glass of their favorite drink, the options are endless.

With increased serving efficiency, less staff, the ability to optimize space, and more, venues of all types and sizes have turned to self-pour beverage walls. The one-step check-in process makes self-pour simple and easy to use. Since customers pay by the ounce, every drink they sample or pour gets charged to their RFID card, which means operators don’t lose money giving out free samples – they actually increase sales. Hear from a happy guest at a self-pour pickleball venue to hear why she loves the freedom of filling up her cup in under a minute whenever she gets off the pickleball court!


Besides enhancing the customer experience, self-pour technology has multiple benefits for operators! Venues can optimize their layout since PourMyBeer walls have a straightforward layout compared to bulky bars that take up quite a large amount of space. The beverage walls integrate into walls, increasing the space available in establishments. Operators can incorporate more tables in their layout, ultimately serving more customers and increasing profits.

Aside from the fixed wall setup, PourMyBeer provides other beverage solutions like stand-alone self-pour stations. These provide more freedom to operators who want to add beverage service to an empty area in their venue (like the hotel lobby) without any construction. The Seabrook Island Club, a private oceanfront community and country club, wanted to add an innovative and hands-on experience for Members but had difficulty finding labor. They turned to self-pour technology and installed a 12-tap fixed wall outside and an 8-tap self-pour station inside. After adding these two setups to their operations, they saw an instant increase in revenue. Mitchell Laskowitz, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager, shares why self-pour technology was the perfect solution for Seabrook Island Club:

“I knew that [self-pour technology] would help with our staffing model as a very limited staff is needed, and from an experience perspective, our members and guests truly enjoy coming here day after day. The PourMyBeer units, both the fixed wall and the unit, have positively impacted our business from a revenue perspective, but more importantly from a member-experience perspective.” – Mitchell Laskowitz, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer at The Seabrook Island Club.

Not only are self-pour stations gaining in popularity at country clubs and golf courses, but hotels across the US are rolling them out as they increase guest satisfaction and revenue per available room while creating a fun experience for guests to enjoy together in the lobby!

PourMyBeer Pint FillTo learn more about the unique venue types that PourMyBeer serves and if self-pour is right for you, check out this link!

PourMyBeer’s self-pour technology enables faster, more efficient access to beverages by allowing consumers to pour beer, wine, cocktails, cold brew, and kombucha and pay by the ounce. PourMyBeer is the world leader in self-pour, serving customers such as Whole Foods, Buffalo Wild Wings, the U.S. Air Force, Caesars Entertainment, Walk-Ons, and many more. PourMyBeer has over 12,000 taps in service at bars, restaurants, casinos, hotels, country clubs, and golf courses worldwide.

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